Tuesday, April 28, 2009

K.Sparks - Black Rose (Produced By DJ King Flow)

Hi what's good everybody, it's ya man King Flow and i'm proud to present to you my first hip-hop album !

I worked during years and years to make it happen, and i'll finally make my dream come true with getting money with my music because i'll sell it on cdbaby, itunes and all the online distributors and you could get physical copies on the best websites too.

The official tracklist is here :

01. Intro
02. How A Boss Move (Feat. Rap-P)
03. Ladies (Feat. Rap-P)
04. Shine (Feat. Eddie Bingo)
05. You (Feat. Rap-P & Wile)
06. Black Rose (Feat. K.Sparks)
07. The Time (Feat. Rap-P)
08. For Mom (Feat. Dave Barz)
09. Pas Pret De Partir (Feat. Jeez Black)
10. Throw Shots (Feat. Dave Barz)
11. Another Day (Feat. Rap-P)
12. Fake Love (Feat. K.Sparks)
13. My Life (Feat. Seven R)
14. The Essence (Feat. K.Sparks & The Mad Poet)
15. Outro

So here is a link to listen the official single : "Black Rose" featuring my man K.Sparks !

K.Sparks - Black Rose (Produced By DJ King Flow)

Let me know what you think about it please !

And a last thing : please I would like to have everybody promoting that single track, because it's really important for me and I wanna make the maximum of sells.

Thanks in advance !