Tuesday, August 13, 2013

C-Will - The Sweet Science (Hosted By DJ King Flow)

C-Will - The Sweet Science (Hosted By DJ King Flow) | Mixed by @djkingflow

Featuring: C-Will




    DJ King Flow Interview - Slovo Magazine (Russia)

     I had the chance to be interviewed by a Russian hip-hop magazine a few days ago. Check out my interview on "Slovo Magazine" ! #International


    And here is the English version :

    1.When and how you come to HipHop? What is influenced on you?

    I was introduced to hip-hop music when I was 7. I remember that I fell in love with hip-hop when I first heard “Nuthin But A G Thing” by Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg. My influences at that time were Snoop, Dre, 2Pac, Jay-Z, Cam’Ron, and even Lil Jon lol !

    2.Why you decide make music from where it come? How did you got your name King Flow?

    One day I was at my cousin’s crib and he had a beatmaking DVD in his room, I asked him if I can use it to make my first beats, and he said yes. I was 9 years old, that’s how I started. I got my name “King Flow” from my good friend and family Alyssa Lawrence, from NY. She was in France when I was a kid and she wasn’t able to pronounce my real French name “Florent” so she said “Flow” with the American accent. That’s how I got my name !

    3.Whats your opinion of HipHop movement?Y ou see it in Kulture or its just term for Buisness and Entertament?

    I think that the hip-hop movement is one of the most creative movements ever. I see it as a real culture, and not as a business, even if it is a business in 2013, so you have to be able to handle your business correctly to do big things in the industry. But I think you can perfectly mix both : the hip-hop culture and the business side of the movement.

    4.What your goals in HipHop?

    My goal is to be able to do good quality music, network with artists and people from all around the world and make my family proud, by any means necessary !

    5.What is Homicide Flow Ent. is?

    Homicide Flow Ent is a record label and an association between artists, producers and DJ’s from all around the world. The CEO is my brother Flowers.

    6.What you think about DJ's that don't play vynyl? Do you think DJ's must play only vynyls or is it possible be DJ without equipment like that?

    I think you have to start with vinyl to learn your craft, but you also have to evolve with the technology. As long as you’re doing your job as a DJ, making people dance, help new artists and get your money, nothing is wrong if you are not using vinyls in 2013. We have to live with the technology.

    7.Tell something about your projects.How many albums you have?

    I’m working on a lot of mixtapes with DJ Arab, Stretch Money, Eddy Starks from France, Flowers, and more good hardworking people. I did over 230 mixtapes in my career and worked with Krayzie Bone, Ace Hood, Masta Ace, Blaq Poet, etc… I currently have 6 instrumental albums out, and I’m working on my 7th album, narrated by Dave McMurray. It’s coming on September 11th !

    8.Whats your plans on future?  

    Did you travel and make shows around world?
    I just want to continue to work with talented artists and stay productive and creative. Yes, I’ve travelled to New York City, Upstate New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Dallas and Chicago. I did a few shows in Texas, New York and Louisiana.

    9.Who is your favorite DJ and Emcee?

    My favorite DJ is JR Ewing, a French underground mixtape DJ. He influenced me to do quality mixtapes. My favorite MC’s are Krayzie Bone and Big K.R.I.T.

    10.What you dislike in people?

    I hate people who lie, talk too much and don’t pass the blunt. Haha.

    11.What you can say about Universal Zulu Nation?

    This is a movement that I respect a lot. I’m affiliated to the Nation because of my man Flowers.

    12.For you what is first in life Family or Work?

    Family comes first, and work comes second. I’m nothing without my family, they’ll always be there for me !

    13.Do you know some HIPHOP artists from Ukraine or Russia or
    other countries from ex-U.S.S.R.?

    Yes, I remember that I listened to hip-hop from Hungary back in the days, and I’ve also been working with rappers from Poland, I also did an interview with a Polish magazine.

    14.Your wishes to our Hiphoppas and all COMMUNITY worldwide.

    I wish everybody to be safe, continue to do great things for the culture and don’t forget : PEACE, LOVE, UNITY, and HAVING FUN.