Friday, July 23, 2010

Ensilence - The Reconstruction EP

1.The Reconstruction Intro (Prod. by C-sekshun)
2. Whose World (Prod. by C-sekshun)
3. MY State of Mind (Prod. by DJ King Flow)
4. Heaven’s Harp (Prod. by Cee Truth)
5. Enemy of the State (Prod. by C-sekshun)
6. Pass It On (Prod. by C-sekshun)
7. Artificial Intelligence (Prod. by Wilde)
8. Without Reward (Prod. by Macado)
9. Beyond the Rope (Prod. by Wilde)
10. Miss U Much (Prod. by Macado)
11. In Scope (Prod. by Buscrates)
12. Down (Prod. by C-sekshun)
13. First Thing First Outro (Prod. by C-sekshun)