Sunday, September 11, 2011

King Flow Interview on (Polish website) (2011-08-27)

1) At firt please introduce polish listeners, say somethin bout your projects

I'm DJ King Flow from Orleans, in France. I started being a DJ when I was 9, and now I grind 24/7 with my mixtapes ! I have worked with Ace Hood, Blaq Poet, Blood Raw, K.Sparks, Kool Sphere from Verbal Threat and I currently have 3 mixtapes coming real soon with Krayzie Bone, Imam Thug and Ruste Juxx.

2)Work on " Mixtape Addict 16 " and " Worldwide Hustlaz", so who can we listen on those projects?

Mixtape Addict 16 will be out around august 25th and Worldwide Hustlaz is still in the works with my man DJ'll be able to check artists from all around the globe : USA, France, Germany, Poland, England, etc. Mixtape Addict 16 is hosted by Krayzie Bone from Bone Thugs N Harmony so it's definitly a good look for me.

3)You are from France, so what is goin on french hip-hop scene nowadays?

French hip-hop scene is on a constant rise ! My artist Keno MC is from Orleans, France and we're working very hard together. I think he's the most productive MC in France, word up. We also have other dope artists like Ol Kainry, the group Hocus Pocus, Salif, Al Peco, La Cliqua, etc.

4) What French newcomers you would recommend polish hip-hop fans?

You definitly gotta check my man Keno MC !!!

5) Your favourite French and foreign hip-hop artist?

I gotta say my favorite french hiphop artists are Keno MC, Salif and La Cliqua.

6) What's your plans for next year?Any special projects?

Dropping a lot of mixtapes with big artists and discover a lot of new talents from all around the world !!

7)This interview is for polish portal, so I woudnt be me if I didnt ask you bout polish rappers. Did you know anyone from polish hip-hop scene?

Oh yeah I know a few hip-hop groups from Poland but i can't remember their names because it's really difficult to spell it for me (lol) !

8)How would you recommend your new projects?

Just check out my official website, you can find all my latest mixtapes, videos, etc :

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